Terms of Service

Quality of service:
At Bubble Binz LLC. our cleaning techniques are the most efficient in the industry. Our industrial cleaning systems provide great results, however, trash bins that are extremely soiled with grease and grime may yield variable results. In extreme cases, some bins may take two cleanings to reach optimal cleanliness.Customers are responsible for leaving bins out on cleaning / trash day. In the event bins are not left on the curb for cleaning, customers will be subject to the scheduled service charge. The customer will be serviced the following cycle, at which time we will spend additional time and efforts to render bins clean.

After 9 services, cancel anytime, with 7 days notice. If cancellation is prior to 9 services, cancellations will be subject to a twenty-dollar cancellation fee.

Our cleaning schedule varies based on location and availability. We reserve the right to reschedule service if needed.

All billing is done using a credit card that is stored on file. Automatic payment will be applied on service completion. If you have any disputes or discrepancies please call us immediately to get it resolved. We love referrals, but you are not legally obligated to refer us, though we strongly encourage it.